Easily procure Software & Services

Procured supports your business in the search for software solutions and digital services for your next digitization project. Whether you are looking for an implementation partner for standard software, for an agency to develop individual software or you want to optimize your processes. We're right by your side for each step of the way.

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Procure Software & Services easier than ever.

Start your search for external software and development partners today with the procured platform.

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Transparency when working with external companies

Procured covers the buying process from the first idea all the way to the contract awarding. This ensures transparency of communication and documentation along the complete buying journey. Leaving you to make more informed decisions when buying.

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Find the best value for your money

Manage existing service providers easily and enhance your current portfolio with service providers on the market. This ensures you can compare every offer and make informed decisions. Using procured you can find the fitting partner for your next project.

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AI based matching for searching external service providers

For projects that your current service providers can't carry out we developed our  AI matching. This supports you in finding new service providers - locally or globally, whichever fits your needs the best.

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How procured. works

Procured supports you in the procurement of services and guides you through the process from project idea to contract awarding. If you have further questions feel free to reach out.

Step 1

Sign up to the procured platform and complete your profile.

Step 2

If you have an existing portfolio of service providers you can invite them.

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Step 3

Start a project, define your requirements and find fitting service providers for your project.

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The procured platform is for companies that buy services and for companies that sell these services. Find out more below.

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Service providers

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